K-drons Forming Rhombic Dodecahedron

Photo of 8 K-drons inclosing a rhombic dodecahedron inside from an exhibition in Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011. Curators: Tadeas Goryczka and Jaroslav Nemec

International Toys in Javits Center 2011

Once again we participated in International Toy Fair at Javits Center in New York, which proved to be an excellent opportunity to present K-Dron to professionals from around the world.

“In The Circle”

Image from the cycle “In The Circle” on the cover of the Janusz Kapusta catalog, PhD exhibition in Warsaw, Poland, 2010.

K-dron Monument

The first K-dron monument in the world, Koło, Poland, 2009.

K-Dron Monument

The first K-dron Monument in the World was built in Kolo, Poland. The official openning is scheduled for September.