in between

expo Poznan

installation in Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz

mobile structure, marker drawing

project, pencil drawing

monument, pencil drawing

horizontal structure, pencil drawing

Kabbalah, pencil drawing & computer

vertical, computer drawing

4k-sculpture, photo by Czeslaw Czaplinski

k-pyramid, computer drawing

museum project, pencil drawing

building, pen drawing

sculptures, painted wood

k-cow parade, Warsaw, Poland

k-wiring, computer drawing

new york blocks, computer drawing

white game, mixed media

open, mixed media

entrance, mixed media

gate, mixed media

wave, mixed media

chess, mixed media


The images from the play “Planet K-Dron, the Mystery of Interrupted Journey”. Janusz Kapusta was the author, set designer and director.  Actor and Puppet Theater in Katowice, Poland, 1999

Theater 1

The Scientist, the Priest and the Artist

Theater 2

The Twins, the Astronauts and the Workers

Theater 3

Animal from K-dron Planet

Theater 4

The King Goldon and K-dance

Theater 5

The Astronaut is paying a visit to the Scientist

Theater 6

Meeting with the Artist

Theater 7

Light performance on K-dron wall