“22 from the future” – a catalog from Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2006. Curators of the exhibition: Italy: Getulio Alviani, Slovakia: Peter Sokol, Russia: Evgeny Berezner, Natalia Tarasova, Irena Tchmyreva, Ivan Shakhov

moscow moma

moscow pages



“Il mito della velocita, l’arte del Movimiento, dal futurismo alla video-arte” – a catalog from exhibition in Casa del Mantegna, Italy, 2003. Curated by Claudio Cerritelli

velocita 1

velocita 2



In Italian edition of Architectural Digest (Christmas Issue, 2002), a presentation of the most beautiful houses of the world. On the walls are the works based on the 4 white and 4 blacks K-dron combinations.



“Janusz Kapusta, K-dron”, a catalog from the exhibition in Rigo Gallery in Novigrad, Croatia, 2001. Curated by Jerica Ziherl, Jagoda Barczynska and Getulio Alviani







Turkish monthly magazine Yapi (Issue  No. 200, 1998), a general presentation of K-dron.

yapi cover









Flash Art, Flash Art News, 2000

Fash Art 1

Flash Art 2



“Infinity and the Mind, The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite” by Rudy Rucker . The first book used a K-dron shape on the cover illustration. Princeton University Press, 1995, Cover illustration by Marek Antoniak

Marek Antoniak



“Connections, The Geometric Bridge between Art and Science” by Jay Kappraff, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1990.  The first book where K-dron shape was presented.

Kappraff 1

Kapraff 2

Kapraff 3

Kapraff 4

Kapraff 5



“New York” magazine, 1989. First K-dron presentation in American press. Introduced by Jerzy Kosinski

New York 1

New York 2